About Nigeria Achievers Awards

Inspiring the next generation through celebration of great achievements

Nigeria Achievers Awards is another prestigious awards for top achievers in our country who have toiled and worked hard in upholding our country and impacting lives through their various offices, platforms and businesses.

Nigeria is a great country with great talents and brain and amidst our challenges, many achievers have emerged and are still emerging. These great achievers give us hope despite the many odds surrounding the pursuit of our dreams.

It's all about celebrating great impact of those making a difference and upholding the pride of our mother's land as we also welcome a new set of achievers in our society annually.

Nominations is always opened to all field with special focus on those who have greatly influenced others in their various endeavors showing others that anything you set your heart to do is possible with passion, determination, perseverance and focus.

The event holds every year in the month of November as 2014 saw the debut of Nigeria Achievers Awards, our first outing to gather together for the sole purpose of inspiring, promoting and celebrating outstanding top achievers in the society.

The first and subsequent editions recorded a huge turnout and acceptance, an event to remember with top dignitaries present at the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos and The Red Carpet Hall, Victoria respectively.

Nigeria Achievers Awards (NAA, is organized by Glo May Specialties, an event and consultancy firm.

Glo May Specialties team establish itself as a highly specialized group of events managers, creative directors, marketers, TV host and entertainers that offers a fully integrated public relations, marketing, consultancy, media, events and communication solution in line with our clients needs and requirements.

Nigeria Achievers Awards is all about top achievers, persons who stood the test of time and triumph, persons who has inspired others unto greater works, persons who started from nothing to greatness, persons who has made us proud, persons who has given hope and opportunities to others, persons of purpose, impact and great relevance.

MISSION: A global medium of celebrating great achievements; professionals, talents, respectable personalities, rare creativity and corporate bodies who are role models in diverse areas of human endeavor, especially those who have made positive impact on Nigerian youths and the populace at large.

MOTTO: Inspiring the next generation through celebration of great achievements
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